Social media guru Anthony Voletsenko owner of the Instagram page @_growinguprussian_ has been disrupting normal media channels with his content and using his brand to raise awareness for Russian musicians and influencers in the US. I had the opportunity to speak with Anthony on how he got started, how he’s been disrupting normal media his favorite American rapper and more.

1. How did you get started doing this?

  • What originally started as a page describing day to day things I experienced growing up in a Russian home, quickly turned in to a place where I can not only share a laugh but can also promote upcoming brands/Artists from Russia and give them a platform to gain new fans here in America.

2. How have you been disrupting normal media?

  • I found that most people will engage in something they find funny before supporting a new artist/talent. With that being said I began to embed artists music into funny memes & viral content with the hopes while watching/reading their also listening and would ask “what song is this?”. It worked and people began doing just that. Soon after I realized my page was more than just Good vibes, it was also a platform to help break upcoming talent.

3. What has been the reaction from the public been so far?

  • The reaction has been amazing. I’ve gained hundreds of thousands of likes, Views and just hit over 50k followers from all across the world. It’s amazing to bring smiles to peoples faces. And also to welcome people of many different backgrounds into Russian culture. I never thought it would grow so big and I could create a platform to help people. So it’s quite an amazing feeling.

4. Who is your favorite American rapper?

  • My favorite American rapper. Hmmm, I would have to say 50 Cent for sure.

5. How have you been raising awareness for Russian musicians?

  • I’ve been bringing awareness utilizing my platform as a stepping stool to bring the music to listeners directly. My page brings people from all over the world and pulls in a lot of engagement. Through my why I like to call Meme marketing I can draw potential fans in through a meme and unconsciously have them listening to their new favorite artist.