DJ Yemi, AKA Yemi Shonibare, is an emerging creative from West Virginia. He grew up in the church and comes from a musical household, which greatly influenced his career choice. Moreover, Yemi’s shared stages with artists like Lil Yachty, Lil Skies, and many more. Check out our interview below.
Are there any sub-genres that you noticed are starting to bubble heavily? I know drill is making a return thanks to Pop Smoke and Fivio Foreign, but tell me what you’ve seen.
 Afro beats seams to be what’s gaining the most traction in the US. Off course it has been heavy over seas but with bigger artists  jumping on tracks with Afro beat artist like wiz kid and Burna boy it’s gaining more “pop”& radio notoriety. Another genre is the UK rap style. It’s gaining more exceptence in the Us and all over.
How did you get into DJing?
Got into djing in college. Most random college parties are driven by music and alcohol. I went towards the music. Started out playing music from iTunes of my computer not knowing anything about the craft. Now it’s my career.
Many people have a different perspective on this, but what does it mean to “break a record”? 
The meaning “break a record” is probably different nowadays because the easy way for everyone to get music. But for me it’s playing it in the club and constantly sharing through social media.
Do you believe that it’s something that can be done by a single person or only a collective of people? 
Breaking a record is Definitely a collective effort. Unless it’s a 100% hit! Still those hits need to be pushed through all platforms.
Talk to me about some of shows, what sets you apart from other DJ‘s? 
I thinks it’s a lot of different things I do through a set. You would probably have to ask anyone whos watched a set, But what people have told me is I connect with the crowd! For me connecting with a crowd no matter the size is important! without this connection you can loose a crowd/ party. Keep them engaged and entertained and it will always be a great show!