Written By: Ayo_Sash

Upcoming artist Megan Alyssa, represents Long Island, New York. She has been effortlessly creating a buzz for herself by letting her talent speak for itself. Born of Dominican heritage and raised in Long Island, New York, she is super versatile and broadcasts her passion for music, writing and dancing. Since a child, she has been grabbing a lot of peoples attention. Growing up around music from her family she was inspired by her grandfather who played in a band, she then fell in love with the art of performing and making authentic music. To add to her musical talents, Megan also plays percussion and pitched instruments such as the piano and violin. Consistently and fearlessly, she has broken down musical barriers creating a sound all her own.
 In 2019, Megan Alyssa plans to captivate and increase her fan base by performing across the country, opening up for other artist, and dropping a new EP and album with some mainstream features and collaborations. She is currently releasing new music and she discusses her unique process and insightful ways she comes up with the themes and concepts:

“My creative process is basically the same for every record I create… I always listen to the beat first and catch a vibe… then I create melodies…that initial vibe transcribes to lyrics … and the lyrics that stick are the ones that fit the melody. In this case, the No Shame instrumental felt very sensual to me… the lyrics needed to match that feeling… the story for No Shame doesn’t necessarily come from my personal experiences… a lot of my inspiration comes from movies, tv shows, my friends, and other music.

When I’m getting ready, I always put on music… the type of music I put on depends on what type of mood I want to be in… if I’m going out to party, I’ll put on music that makes me feel confident and sexy… I feel that No Shame really gives off that vibe. When people listen to my music, they tend to get the idea that I’m a promiscuous woman… given that the majority of my songs sound very sensual… but honestly that’s not the case… like I said, most of the inspiration I get is from movies, TV shows, and stories…

“No Shame” is really just inspired by a feeling of no guilt, no regret, and vulnerability. I would love for my listeners to feel the way that I feel when I’m making my music…and for them to feel that way, I need to be transparent and vulnerable… even when I record my music I try to embody the emotion that I’m trying to portray so that my listeners can relate more… I am constantly perfecting my craft… I’m definitely not perfect… but I want my music to sound the way I want it to sound… I will listen to a track I recorded a ridiculous amount of times just to make sure I’m ok with the world hearing what I want to say.”

Check out both records, “No Shame” and “Like That” here!

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