Written by: Evena Adams

“Aint really trip on the credit, I just paid all of my dues. I just respected the game, now my name all in the news.” That was the beginning of the Nipsey Hussle inspired caption of Megan Rapinoe’s Instagram post from Sunday (July 7th) after she celebrated with team members after the United States Women’s soccer team had their record fourth Women’s World Cup title, taking the Win over the Netherlands leading 2-0. 

The caption continues “Trippin’ on all of my moves, quote me on this, got a lot more to prove,” which suggests this 34-year-old soccer star has more to come in her future. 

This year on March 31st, the world was at a complete stand still as the news broke across the U.S of the slaying of Nipsey Hussle.  In a bracket all his own the rapper was known for his lyrics, his drive as an entrepreneur, and the care he showed to people around his neighborhood, where he has earned the nickname Neighborhood Nip. The news shocked the world. Nipsey was a man of honor and when the world caught wind of this tragedy, there was an outpour of love and support on social media. A huge memorial was created in front of his clothing store The Marathon to honor the rapper. Everyone who was graced by his presence, or able to hear his music, or watch him perform was touched in some shape way or form. The Grammy nominated rapper and community activist was only 33 when he was gunned down, but he leaves behind a legacy that the Marathon will continue. 


Megan Rapinoe has grabbed the attention of the world, by being a complete badass. Rapinoe has been speaking her mind, and not caring about who in the White House she offends. The pink-haired US women’s soccer team captain has grabbed the attention by declaring she wouldn’t “f—ing” go to the white house if her team won the World Cup. Her teammates and herself have also been able to use their platform to bring about the issue of equal pay in professional sports. This year’s wins will be the 4th win for the US women’s soccer team.