Written by: @_issajasthing

It is a Hot Girl summer in California with all of the stallions! Megan Thee Stallion will be cleaning up the Santa Monica Pier beach on Thursday, June 6th. One of her fans came up with the idea about the effects of global warming and Houston rapper states on her Instagram live that is something that she always wanted to do as well as planting trees. She will be having a “Hottie Beach Clean Up.” It starts at 3pm at the Pier’s Visitor Center and will have a schedule for a future clean up.

The “Pimpin’” rapper has recently released her latest mixtape, Fever, that went off the charts for the latest female MC’s. She recently gained a plaque for her hit single “Big Ole Freak” that went gold and landed on the Billboard charts. We hope to see the Hottie soon with a tour! But for now, she will be curating another Hottie clean up for her hometown soon! Peep the tweet.