Written by: Brian Lamont

Hot Girl/boy summer artist herself, Megan The Stallion, has quickly made a name for herself in her music career and now she graces the cover of magazines, particularly PAPER magazine. Megan discusses her come up and how persistent she has been with her music since birth. She states: 


“I feel like off the strength that my mom was a rapper, and the music that her and my dad put in my ear as a child, it was bound to happen. Me watching her write and me watching her go in the studio and lay her verses down. Just to see how dedicated she was, that was normal to me. That just became the thing that I saw around my house. We bumping Pimp C, we listening to Three 6 all the time, we listening to Biggie. You know what I’m saying? I’ve always been a big fan of music. Just me growing up and turning into Meg Thee Stallion, this is a product of my environment.”

After the passing of her mother earlier this year, she continued to create music and broaden her fan base which attracted her attention to a lot of artists including Nicki Minaj whom was featured on her recent hit single “Hot Girl Summer”. 


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