Mello Brinks,Michh and Shank Dinero team up for “Brinksmatic.” Mello Brinks carries cockiness and confidence over a New York-uptempo beat that bangs with a lot of bass. Michh and Shank Dinero come clutch on the record with their boping flows. Mello’s Brooklyn swag and flow can be heard all throughout his tracks. The fast tempo track is accompanied by a video full of him and his homies on the block. The three go on to rap about chasing dreams and going after what you want. Bringing inspiration back home.

The hot tracks don’t stop there though. A couple months back, Mello dropped his latest banger “Brand New.” The Zord-produced record presented by Brinks Music Group shows the Brinks Boys’ emcee and his boys riding through the streets of New York in an all white, cream interior leather Mercedes Benz. Check out the captivating visual shot by Royal Youths below.

Written by: MinneeTellsItAll