New York Men’s Fashion Week is officially over, and now it’s time to reflect on the latest trends before they become ubiquitous.

A$AP Rocky at Raf Simons Fashion Show
Image: Hollywood Reporter Website

As per usual, NYFW revealed the latest styles of the season (and upcoming season) straight from the most fashionable people in the world.  With runways filled of high-end designers such as Raf Simons, Nautica, John Elliott, and Ovadia & Son, the brands all had common trends, and some groundbreaking ones such as: men accessorizing their outfits with handbags and costume jewelry. Interesting looks to say the least.  The runway of Skylight Clarkson Sq wasn’t the only place where new looks came strutting down the runway as the NYC streets is a playground for creative & fashionable self expression, especially during fashion week. From A$AP Rocky to Ja Rule, celebrities also set their own trends as they attended the annual fashion events around the city.  A few of these trends including statement sneakers, shearling, fur, and vibrant colors.  

All fashion enthusiasts know that NYFW is the place to take notes in order to stay ahead of the game as far as style & grace. We have for you a list of looks and trends to hone from this Fall/Winter 2017 NY Men’s Fashion Week.


Oversized and Drapey

“Oversized and drapey” Fall 2017 Menswear Raf Simons Collection Image: “

The Men’s NYFW has confirmed that oversized is still in. The oversized look has been brewing for a few seasons now and still remains relevant across multiple collections seen on the runway this past week. Designers have played with Oversized sweaters, outerwear, and even pants to create intricate fashion statements.

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