Miah Travis, the 19-year old Chesapeake native just dropped a very artistic and visual-pleasing video for his record “Mona Lisa.” Produced by Tokyo Trendz, the video captures the young MC sitting in church as he portrays a confession type of vibe and strolls through an art gallery as he raps about the imperfections of his Mona Lisa. Miah decided to give Rap Fest his own description of what the video actually means in his words.

“The idea of the whole song is to paint a beautiful picture through your own struggles, thus the reason the cover art for the actual track is an open canvas,” he says. “On the other hand, the story I decided to speak on was my growing up in the church, being troubled by my sinful ways, and rather distraught by the idea of religion.”

Miah Travis is expected to drop his forthcoming project Loose Ends some time this year. There is no official release date as of yet for the EP but for the time being, check out “Mona Lisa” below and tell us what you think.