Adam Ford and LimeLife are slowly but surely making noise with sweet harmonies on their new track, “Mood”.

Establishing their place in the R&B/Pop world. The 25 year old was born November 13th, 1992 to interracial parents, and grew up in the reckless neighborhood of Alapattah located in the inner city of Miami, Fl. As a young boy, Adam admired and listened to Micheal Jackson and made it his mission to some day reach at least one of his accolades. At the age of 16, Adam began singing, and established a 5 man group called ‘RichMan’.

His hit single “Mood” lit the city up and he began touring it throughout colleges and universities. Since than, Adam has also recorded another catchy record titled ‘Mood’, and it has the ladies going crazy with its smooth melody, and sexy words.

Adam on his future in music:

“Throughout it all, I try to remain humble. I’ve been doing this for years, so I’m excited to see what’s next”.

Adam Ford is unquestionably the next R&B singer coming out of South Florida. His hard work ethic and adherence to his art clearly shows that he has what it takes to succeed, and Miami seems to be backing him 100%.

Listen to “Mood” below, courtesy of Soundcloud.