At the beginning of last month, rising Atlanta rapper Michael Aristotle released his TONI EP which is arguably the rappers best work to date. Since the release of the project Michael has been preparing for a busy October which is chock full of shows. He kicked things off over the weekend at the 13th Annual A3C Festival in Atlanta where he performed at multiple showcases.

Today Michael Aristotle returns with the official video for “Pick A Number” which also happens to be his favorite song off TONI.

“I like “Pick A Number” because I feel like it’s my first real love song. I get deep into wanting love.”

The video which is directed by Patrick Foley & Michale Aristotle himself is fairly simple but brings the love story to life so well. The clip finds Michael rapping to a girl over the phone that he is falling in love with, letting her know that he’s still figuring himself out but wants to do it with her by his side. After being on two different screens the entire video the clip ends with Micheal and his love interest finally together on the same screen.

“The scene where I’m talking to the ass came out the exact way I wanted lol. there was this girl in the city I knew with this incredible ass and I was playing pick a number in my headphones the time I was looking at her ass lol and the second verse was playing and I was like ‘oh shit what if I rapped all of this to her ass.’ I asked all around and my friend Jaz was down for it. This sounds so creepy lmao but I thought her butt was cute lol it’s not huge it’s not the average one you see in the videos and I thought it would be tight to showcase that, cause lil booties matter too lol I had to put on for them one time.”

This is defineley a video everybody can relate to because at one time we’ve all gone through something like this. Check it out below and if you haven’t make sure you give TONI a listen. #LittleBootiesMatter