It’s been a long time since Mick Jenkins released a project, which might explain the possible reason for why he has fallen off of the charts.  The Chicago rapper makes his return with his newest track, “A Layover”. #YouShouldListen

Giving listeners a new beat to look forward to, originating from the producer ”ThemPeople”, Mick has always been known for his strengths as a writer and the way he delivers his thoughts in all his tracks. This quality has kept fans wanting more of his music. On “A Layover,” Mike does not slow down from his usual soulful singing and rapid-bar delivery, with the song itself seeming to be mainly for his fans.  A clear sign as to what to expect in the future.

Mike’s last completed album The Healing Component, which was released in September 2016, shocked many because it represented the real Mick Jenkins featuring specia guests like “TheMIND” and “BADBADNOTGOOD.” Mick has always seemed to be more advanced than other music artists coming out of Chicago, but he has never been fully appreciated for his work.

While today’s music culture may not be fully ready for his sound, “A Layover” shows that Mick is not about to slow down. With all his fans on the wait for another full length project, the talented Chicago native is packing new heat and surely has many jam-packed projects full of rapid-bar delivery that they are expecting.