Atlanta trio Migos has been killin’ the game with chart topping hits. Songs like the recently released “Pure Water” with Dj Mustard and the latest drop “Position To Win” are sure to become timeless hits.

The start of the song, Quavo delivers motivational rhymes that where he reminds himself he’s destined for greatness. “Steppin’ up, always take the risk/Livin’ life, go hard and don’t quit/Drip, splash like the ice on the wrist/That’s a call I can’t miss.” The track continues to deliver a heavy a beat that follows Offset and Takeoff letting the world know they’re in a position to win –following the up-tempo sounds curated by Quavo ,DJ Durel, and Tommee Profitt.

The ‘Position To Win” track made it’s debut in Mountain Dew’s “Lets Do” commercial, weeks before the Super Bowl, the ad features the Atlanta natives rapping the chorus alongside “UFC star Holly Holm, NBA All-Star Joel Embiid and skateboarders Sean Malto and Mariah Duran.”

Listen to Migos “Position to Win” below.

Written by: @JustDiya