The last we mentioned of Culture II here on The RAPFEST– Migos had dropped a music collab with Nicki AND Cardi B. from the project.

Migos’ “Motorsport” release posted a month ago. This collaboration has already been played almost 10 million times on SoundCloud. Additionally, last week, it was in the 35th spot on the Bill Board Hot 100 chart. This week it is in the 15th spot- so definitely working its way up. “Motorsport” has been on the chart for only three weeks now. Also, though there is no official music video for the track, there’s behind-the-scenes footage. Seems to be about 1 minute of sci-fi-esque trap regality. Is that a thing? Well, if it wasn’t- it is now. Check it out:

There’s also a lyric video.

Ultimately, the trio says Culture II will be here in January. Lil Yachty says this project is “better than the firstCulture we got from the Hip Hop group. With “Motorsport” leading the way- Culture II should not disappoint.