“Told You So” just dropped and the visual alone is worth the experience.

Before a release a couple of months ago, Miguel had somewhat backed away from the spot light. Then, about two months ago, Miguel delivered a collaborative single with Travis Scott. The track, titled, “Sky Walker”,  currently boasts over 20 million YouTube views. Then, we heard the audio of an eclectic dance track titled “Shockandawe” in September.

Though, no word on whether this particular track will be featured on his new album. He later published the “Told You So” music video on November 2nd. A quick synopsis: Space shuttles are blasting off throughout the video and Miguel performs the spunky single in front of a female companion sitting in a car he gets out of at the beginning of the visual. The  “Told You So” music video also features clips of Martin Luther King, Jr., police brutality, the American flag, and protests.

According to Bill Board, Miguel’s new album is set to release in December.

“This album is intentionally about the ethos right now, that we are right in the middle of all this. We’re trying to flourish in the middle of all this. We all wake up, and it’s time to be creative and amazing and positive and all the things that we’re supposed to be when you look on Instagram, but then we’re dealing with these same problems, this injustice, wars between politicians with egos. Like, 140 characters are going to get us into a war right now?…”

-Miguel via Bill Board

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