Rap & B artist Mikey100k’s reminiscence of something familiar only scratches the surface as to what lies beneath, your first listen.

Putting you much in the mind of a Jeremih, Bryson Tiller, or a Starrah as far as vibe and allure, this North Carolina native has more to offer, setting him apart from his counterparts, and making him more than deserving of a listen and a further look.

“People compare me to Bryson Tiller all the time & it’s the most annoying thing ever, but at the same time I respect it because it let’s me know that the potential is there. I’m a star and I know that! People always compare the new guys but when it’s all said and done, I’m MIKEY. And no one can do me like I do me, PERIOD.”

That’s right!

Melodies and arrangements, lyrics and hooks, the temperament of his music is grasping.  That new sound that we love so much thanks to those noted above – what may be the greatest combination since peanut butter & jelly, that Hip Hop and R&B, Mikey100k explores the feel with his sound, and in his newest single “Petty“.

“Petty was inspired by the woman I’m in love with. Not currently together now & it has left me to deal with the feeling of heartbreak. Never loved any woman like I loved her, and it hurts but at least I can tell my side of the story.”

Matched with the absolute perfect beat produced by Mikey – in fact, his seemingly effortless tone, pristine production, and interjections of Baby Boy‘s Yvette chiming in, “I Hate You”, “Petty” settles with you in more ways than one.  A could-be anthem to those frequent good-bad relationships we all know of, that luv you-hate you mindset we go through, but I luv you though – as the underlying language of any expression of pettiness toward an ex or significant other generally signifies that, Mikey is right on the money.

“All of my songs come from a personal place. I just add a little twist to draw the people in. I feel like they connect with you more when they can relate to what you’re going through.”

Formally Mike We$t, Mikey100K made his grand entrance in the game back in 2014, inking a combination deal with Hazardous Record/300ent in 2015.  Then with over 1M plays on soundcloud for his breakout single “You”, the visuals debuting on MTV and BET Jams, interest would spark and the fire steadily churning, the blaze growing and growing.  Other hot K-Camp featuring tracks like ” only solidifying his talent, Mikey100K is purposeful in all that he does.

“Since coming onto the scene, a lot of things fell through and it allowed me to find and rebrand myself as an artist. Now I’m back and better, ready to count it up on everyone who counted me out!”

Check “Petty” out below and let us know how you feel about Mikey100K with a follow and comment.

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