After giving us her point of view on what it’s like to live on her stomping grounds of Los Angeles on a record titled, “La La Land,” Mila J surprises fans with a brand new album titled Dopamine. Inspired by Daniel Levitin’s novel, This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession, the Motown Records songstress explained the meaning behind the album titled in an interview with Essence.

“It really broke down how our brain reacts to music, what’s released when we hear a song, and why we like certain music,” Mila J told Essence. “Dopamine is that chemical that’s released when things just feel good. It is that favorite song and that favorite band. And, I just feel very happy and very free.”

Dopamine serves as a follow up to Mila J’s Valentine’s Day release, MILAULONGTIME. Check out her interview with The Rapfest where she talks about her 213 EP, her feelings on Prince’s passing and more.

Stream Dopamine below.