New Jersey rapper Mir Fontane has been buzzing lately and now he’s ready to bring in the summer strong. With records like “WYD,” “Still in the Hood,” “Down by the River” and his recently released single “Frank Ocean,” Fontane is dropping his 12 track Camden project on June 23.

The artwork for the album cover displays Fontane as somewhat of a cartoon character and in the portrait he’s holding what may be his dog. The track list shows a sheet of paper with drawings on it as the names of the songs sequentially come down the page.

We are two weeks away from the release! Will you be bumping Mir Fontane’s new project?

Camden Track List
1. “Intro”
2. “This Life”
3. “Still in the Hood”
4. “Frank Ocean”
5. “WYD”
6. “Ain’t Afraid” Feat. Kenif Muse
7. “Camden Inertlude”
8. “Cold”
9. “Real Niggaz”
10. “Money Bag”
11. “Down by the River”
12. “Short Story”