Money Makin’Nique is one dope rhyme spitta based out of Atlanta. I don’t believe he’s originally from ATL. It doesn’t matter because he can pull up on any venue in the city. Money Makin Nique is no rookie soundcloud rapper. He’s well seasoned and provides a lifestyle for his type of music. He paints a dope picture for his listeners once you listen in. The world play and delivery with his tone of voice makes him stand apart.

Money Makin Nique latest release “Bonafide” is an issue. He said he’s going to pull up in something that sounds like Dark Vader. Imagine that, and he raps about air max 98’s a lot. Money Montage laced Nique up with a banger. The beat feels like something east coast with a down south bounce. Money Makin Nique is talking fly shit. That’s not a challenge for this rhyme spitta. Vibe out with Nique on this one. Had to play this one back a few times. Nique made this one sorta short far as the playing time. Now days, it’s hard to keep people attention for so long. Make sure you keep a eye out for Money Makin Nique and his Money Makin Bros movement.