Since the release of his ATP series and project faves”Kool In The Summer”, “I’m Good”,”Cloth Talk”, “East$ide” and “Furthest From Half Crazy”, Niko Brim has been nothing less of consistent.

The Mount Vernon, NY and Prince of Soul-Rap is back putting a well-deserved spin on Kanye West’s “Lift Yourself” featuring Quentin Gilmore, serving as part of his ongoing #TuneInTuesday campaign. Be sure you’re TUNED IN as Niko will be rolling out more new music, videos, etc.

The innovative storyteller is hype and ready for the challenges of the industry as he man’s the plate and throws the ball.  Cheesing for the camera, Niko and his crew making declarations as they are suppose to.  Lift yourself, nobody is going to do it for you.

“Still in Mount Vernon but on my way to Aspen.” –

Lift Yourself Freestyle from Niko Brim & Quentin Gilmore on Vimeo.


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