Critics often gripe about the lack of creativity in today’s cookie cutter world of music. Stripped completely to its core, musical progression is often a blend of yesterday’s best mixed with what the future has to offer. A perfect of example of this is Queens, NY native MR. NOBODY. Dawning a mask, gone are the questions regarding his backstory or any distractions not pertaining to his art. Listeners are thus forced to focus purely on his music.

Categorized as alternative R&B, Mr. NOBODY draws inspiration from the likes of Michael Jackson, Chromatics, Sade, Jeremih, and Miguel. In his words, “I love combining retro 80 synths and drums with contemporary r&b vocals. I made a careful decision with the producers I worked with to make sure I get this unique sound. I think the final product came out dope.” Today he unveils his brand new project titled Mindmusic. The 11-track soundscape features production from MR. NOBODY, SB95, Slo-Cove, Yusei and more. Meant to be listened to in chronological order, the project is filled with stories of pain, passion, sex and violence, all backed by a lush background.