In 2011, Motivation To Morals Recording Label was created as a platform to connect upcoming artists and creatives to innovative and push the culture. Growing up on the south side of Queens, Mercedes Mike witnessed many different walks of life that motivated him to excel. He was inspired at a young age to be a creative entrepreneur.
In 2009, Mike was introduced to the G-Unit team. After going on tour and learning more about this industry, Mike was influenced to start his own empire. He created his own blueprint and decided to determine his own destiny.

As New York City is known to be the mecca of Hip Hop, Mike creates his distinctive mark. Born in the Bronx but raised in Queens, Mike effortlessly created a name for himself through his meaningful lyrics and relatable messages. He blends in elements of soulful beats, many classical opera samples mixed in with life experiences and struggles for inspiration. His unique ingenious process creates timeless and authentic music.

Dedication is hosted by DJ Super Star Jay and was premiered at Quad Studios in New York City. With the massive amount of positive feedback this tape was featured on a few blogs and online magazines. With such a soulful and authentic vibe this project is relatable to all ages. It gives the world a better insight to his life story. Mercedes Mike isn’t just a typical rapper but more of a diverse artist with a unique vision to innovate and uplift our culture.


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