Written by: Evena Adams 

O-town, Da Band, Danity Kane, and Day 26, …Making the band!

This hot tv show premiered back in 2000 with all season being overseen by Diddy as the man with a plan to choose the most talented to be in his carefully curated band. I know for many this is taking a back, back. Who remembers tuning into this show and watching these talented individuals go through such a vigorous process to achieve the ultimate goal for some, stardom?  We all know this was not the only thing that our eyes glued to the tv or why we stayed committed to the process. Put a certain amount of people in one place, for a certain amount of time, well we all know that tempers are bound to fly. We have witnessed curse outs, some even get into physical blows or who even remembers when Diddy had the prospects walk to another city in New York for them to grab him a slice of cheesecake?  If you were a fan of Making the Band, you know the episode, and you know I am pulling all the memories out of the bag. 

Since, similar talent shows have been able to spark interest, but Making the Band covered the talent and the reality tv of things. This show only aired for about 3 seasons, but each year we crowded around the tv to check out the possible making the band members, playing as Diddy in our respect, making cuts in our heads and literally creating the ultimate band of our own, to then throw fits when our member was cut from the show.

Well if you were a fan of the show you may be pleased to hear this. Are you ready? Diddy has been talking about possibly bringing the show back. Who would be here for this comeback?

If you didn’t know the show got its start March 2000 which centered around the musical group O-town. It was not until Making the Band 2 where the talent search began in 2002, this time by P. Diddy.  Diddy was on a mission to find the best rappers and singers to assemble a new hip-hop group. That is where we were introduced to Freddy P, Chopper, Ness, and Babs. The sensational members that really made the viewers look forward to tuning in each week. If you tuned in every week, you know that at the end of season 2, Diddy dissolved the group but still wanted to work with Babs and Ness as he referred to as hip hop’s next “Bonnie and Clyde.”

Making the Band 3 is when Diddy changed the game and created Danity Kane, an all-girl group, followed by Day 26, an all men R&B group.

There are so many different talent search shows today like, The Voice, America’s Got Talent, American Idol, that may give the show a run for its money, but we all know drama definitely sells. If the show really does bring the drama, I am sure this can be great for all those looking to get that memory relieved. 

I need to know, if Diddy brings this opportunity back, who will be auditioning?