Music Technology as defined by Wise Geek is “the application of technology, such as computers and software, to the musical arts”. Additionally, sites such as Music Radar remind us how critical music technology is to the creation and development of music. Wise Geek also describes how we use music technology in different careers. We use music tech in sales and design as well as performing and audio production professions.

There are many resources to understanding music technology. Sites like Music Tech reviews software and interviews Producers. Further, Music Repo is another platform that allows you to discover different software. You can also visit this site today and learn the variations between pulse, triangle, ramp and sine waves. This site will also show you how to organize and maintain your home studio.

Streaming became the number one method of consuming music in 2016.

According to Pitchfork and Complex, streaming has surpassed digital download figures for the first time in history. Hype Bot suggests that musicians utilize the applications, i.e.,  within these streaming sites, i.e. Spotify, in order to increase plays.

As changes in tech take place it is important to be able to adapt.

According to Hype Bot, and Fox Business, virtual reality music videos are the future. These types of music videos will help your audience to have a more memorable encounter. Experience a couple of these VR music videos for yourself:


Moreover, the Hype Bot author suggests RFID and Beacon tech could be used to “[create] new revenue sources for the promoter/venue and bands alike”. This tech has been used in the past by festivals.

Lastly, Nardo implies we will witness cassettes make a comeback this year. Rich Nardo mentions via Hype Bot that he believes the cassette will be “the most popular physical product at merch tables for artists on tour”.

According to Radio, Blink-182, an American Rock band, re-released some of their music on cassette tapes in 2015. Yesterday, May 8, 2017, Selena Gomez announced that she too would be re-releasing her LP, Revival, on cassette tape. According to Idolator, she unexpectedly posted a pre-order link to her website.

Technology and Cassettes

Selena Gomez will re-release 2015 LP Revival on Cassette Tape

According to Daily Mail, with more re-releases from Artists, cassettes have come back in fashion.


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