California is a huge state. So much talent coming out of Cali everyday. The west is back overall and the lifestyle is being jacked. So many different types of LA rappers are really blooming. The styles each artist bring to the table stand out. LA rapper Mvtthias has been focused on building his audience. Making sure he delivers records he can stand by. Nothing is never rushed and well time is spent on each record. Mvtthias records paints a picture for you. You can really visualize what he raps. Which is pure god given talent if you ask me. His hooks are always something you can relate to. The verses brings the thoughts all the way together. Hip Hop is still alive and LA is birthing Emcees each day.

Mvtthias latest release “I Just Wanna” will have you in a trans. It’s time to let loose and do what you want. Sometimes it’s about what you want to do and not what other want. This record feels like Eminem “Loose Yourself”. That anthem to motivate you to keep pushing. We need more hip hop motivational records to uplift the youth. With so much soundcloud drug induced rap going on. It’s hard to find substance in music today. It’s almost like watching WWF now days. So many different characters. Mvtthias is doing a great job sticking to the script. He’s staying true to who he is. He linked wth produced alilsad for this one. These two have a dope chemistry from what it seems. You may want to keep a eye out for Mvtthias. He’s staying consistent and giving quality music. Only thing really missing and holding him back are visuals. Some may label this clean hip hop. But sometimes you just need a filter to when it’s so much bullshit coming out. Check out this banger below!