MVTTHIAS does a great job of making music that takes you away. Every song so far from him makes you feel like you should literally get away. Great music to listen to on a road trip or on a flight. First artist I know that makes vacation music. Feels good to reminiscence about life, when you are in a good place. MVTTHIAS has a god gifted talent to create and structure records. Every lyric comes from his heart and soul. Much thought goes into his records. Timeless music with a nostalgic feeling. Hard to find music with much quality these days. MVTTHIAS is prepared to give the world pure vibes. All this is organic and not forced. His mixes and features are next level.

MVTTHIAS is putting on for California the state. Beach music something you can play around the family. Positive vibes to uplift your soul. Maybe open your mind to different waves. MVTTHIAS latest record “Red Eye” talks about cheating on his lady. Needing that attention and not losing himself. Sometimes the past can cause bad vices. Your actions can make people either love you or hate you. MVTTHIAS, talks about that open window to cheat on your female. Deep record and honest. Not to much of this going around these days. The hook is laced by Lanz, and it’s really catchy. Great record for streaming, and I’m sure the ladies can relate. You have to understand this is Grammy music. The record is produced by Big Jerm