In honor of Prodigy’s contribution to Hip Hop- some Prodigy fans created a mural of him after his passing.

However, the mural barely dried before it had been destroyed. Then, it was fixed only to be defaced again. On top of all this, though, N.O.R.E., out of Queens, was recently recorded saying he knows who had something to do with it. He was in an interview on The Breakfast Club when he spoke on it (apparently at the 19:00 mark according to Hip Hop DX). N.O.R.E. touched on some different topics, but was there to promote his new REVOLT TV series, Drink Champs, which is in its second season.

“I’m not qualified to speak on that… But it came from a big homie that’s in jail that don’t have nothing. I know you always big up Prodigy’s book, but Prodigy’s book hurt a lot of people… dead, in jail, alive, and the guy… that’s up north. He’s a respectable guy and everybody respects him… he sent the word and it’s official…God bless [Prodigy] though…”

-N.O.R.E. via The Breakfast Club

Prodigy’s autobiography eventually led to some people labeling him as a “snitch”, also, according to Hip Hop DX.

That said, if you’re writing about your life- change names, label it “Based On A True Story”, and be done with it. Bobby Shmurda and his crew demonstrate a similar situation too. However, how about showing Prodigy and his fans more respect? He passed. Hip Hop said he earned a mural- he earned a mural.

Prodigy fans- how are you all feeling about these updates from N.O.R.E. right now?