Well, at least he still has the signature fade with the Bevel blade.

Contrary to what DJ Khaled named the breakout song from his Major Key album, Nas‘ highly-anticipated eleventh, solo, studio album is far from done. It has been four years (and three months) since the release of Life is Good. Since then, Nas has focused on several businesses including his Mass Appeal Records, Mass Appeal Magazine, a few tech startups, as well as television and film production.

On Oct. 12, Nas appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and host Jimmy Kimmel asked the burning question that’s on everyone’s mind, where’s the album and what’s taking so long?

“I gotta live life,” he said. “I gotta experience things. Sometimes music can shift society, man. Not even talking ’bout me, it’s like we’re making some music out there that the world can hear now, it’s like wow! When I first started out, I didn’t know this thing would be so global. So now things are changing, music is changing.”

Kimmel asked him about his current creative process and how does he decide what music he makes stays or goes. Nas summed it up by saying:

“I gotta feel it. It’s all about the feeling.”

It was then when Kimmel turned into disgruntled fan and gave Nas an intervention:

You realize this will continually happen. It’s not like TiVo where you can put the world on pause. You’re going to have to release an album at some point. Or they’re going to take the mural down. They’re going to put up a billboard there.

While Nas laughed the moment off, it makes you wonder what type of inspiration does Nas need to deliver? Later in the episode he played “Name That Famous Celebrity” with Matthew Perry, and performed This Bitter Land from The Land Soundtrack with Erykah Badu. You can check those moments out below.