Nashville R&B artist Stephcynie (stef-sih-nee) embraces her newfound freedom with the long-awaited release of her highly anticipated EP, I Don’t Love You. I Don’t Love You is not your typical love story but is instead a moment. This audacious title may initially seem to be reminiscent of a failed relationship but instead reflects Stephcynie’s deliberate decision to manifest an independent identity for herself.

Produced by Nashville’s Joshua Niles and performed by solely local musicians, the project’s meticulously crafted tracks allow for Stephcynie to deliver every lyric with its original sentiment, thus preserving the particularities & personal details of her journey. I Don’t Love You tells a tale as old as time, rewritten by Stephcynie, with a happily ever after twist; reflecting her personal dating experiences, Stephcynie’s only qualm seems to be with her ability to make the right choice, a foreign feeling for a generally poised person.

Check it out below and get familiar with the Nashville songstress.