Nate Howard and Veronica Renee have teamed up for a visual to “So Cal.” It was produced by DTB.

Nate Howard is full of inspirations when it comes to his wordplay. If you haven’t heard of him, he might be familiar when he was featured on many of Ty Dolla $ign‘s intro especially his third album, Beach House 3, with the track called “Nate Howard Intro.” With his vibes, he gives us that positive feeling that you can get through anything coming your way to chase your dreams. You can call him as our motivational speaker. The message I got from the San Diego native is nobody can tell our story. We will only know when our story ends. Our life should lead by us through the legacy from generation to generation. We should enjoy our positive light of people because they are afraid that we won’t make it but where does it end?

With the visual, Howard gives us poetry about the world we live in that is entitled to politics, the life we chose whether it is the major you chose or the career path you want to take while Veronica delivers us with her neo-soul to complete this track as one. Peep the visual below.

Written By: @_issajasthing