NateBoi is known for creating solid visuals. Right now he’s putting his city of Cornelia, Georgia on the map. Shooting visuals for a lot of artist out in the Atlanta area. He’s Originally from Cornelia Georgia, whcih is a small city outside of Atlanta. He may be one of the first artist out of his city to put a record out. But lately so much good music and artist are rising from the out skirts of Atlanta. Most artist that make a crossover to rap, it looks forced. Nateboi makes it looks pretty easy. He states he knows how to cap and he using all his hustles to rise to the to top. Will this be the next wave to come out of Georgia? With rap music pretty much becoming pop base. I believe it will be a lot easier to crossover to doing music. With saying that, I would like to introduce this new banger from NateBoi.

Fresh new drip is always necessary. Ran across this lit record called “Personal” By NateBoi that features Lord D’Andre $mith and Zumbee. NateBoi made a smart decision to put these two on a record together. This felt like a real collaboration the vibe is there. Lord D’Andre $mith went from 0-100 real quick. With Future sending him a DM and providing solid content. Lord D’Andre is a household name in Dublin, GA. Zumbee has got big attention on SayCheeseTV and his style is something you can’t imagine. I’m seen this dude dance on a farm with a baby goat. NateBoi catches the first verse and lays a solid flow to fit in cord with the record. All around this record is a party starter. Should motivate you to go pick up a bag. DJ’s need this one in a couple a clubs. Can’t you see bottles being popped to this one. Lord D’Andre $mith laced the hook and talks about racks and cream. Stacking it up to the ceiling and balling out. Fun record for the summer if the party is lit. Check it out streaming below.