Once upon a time EA Sports’s NBA Live franchise, along with the Madden NFL franchise was the premiere sports video games to play. When the NBA 2k series stepped its game up back in 2005, they started to gain an immediate edge on the Live series.

Live hasn’t had a decent basketball game since 2016, and they are attempting to make a comeback with NBA Live 2018.

Screenshots and a gameplay trailer of NBA Live 2018 were leaked recently, and the early footage (only about 30 seconds) looks like EA Sports MIGHT be on to something good.

The same thing was said about NBA Live 2016, but that was before the game was actually played. Many critics were upset about things like the shot meter, certain character builds, and other things. This ultimately led EA Sports to skip 2017 altogether to go back to the drawing board.

Currently, 2k Sports is focusing on the E-Sports aspect of their franchise. This may cause some of the fine things that makes 2k great to take a backseat, giving Live a chance to creep back in and take the lead. Still, it will take a lot of innovative thinking, as well as a lot of prayer to gain the trust of 2k fanboys and critics alike. We’ll most likely hear more news on both NBA Live and NBA 2k in the next month or so, so stay tuned.