Hold Up, Wait A Minute?!?! Y’all Thought It Was Finished?!?!? Free Agency Still πŸ”₯.

After a month of speculation, after a month of wondering what was going on in Cleveland, after a month of the whole NBA holding its breath, Kyrie Irving has finally been traded. But, so has Isaiah Thomas.

Kyrie Irving wanted to leave the Cavaliers around halfway through the season after finding out they were trying to trade him earlier in the season but, this was revealed only a month ago. Everybody thought the reigning Eastern Conference Champions were going to come back together and lose to the Warriors as one. Then, the story surrounding Cleveland became LeBron wanting to leave after this upcoming season. Nobody in their wildest dreams thought that Kyrie was leaving the Cavaliers anytime soon before the report of the trade request. Nobody thought that the second best team in the league was going through so much inner turmoil. The Cavaliers even denied it. However, they finally came to a solution and just like the Paul George trade, no one saw this coming.

Not the Knicks, Not the Spurs, Not the Timberwolves, Not the Heat but, the Celtics. The common denominator between all those teams are that those are teams that Kyrie reportedly stated that he was interested in going to. However, he was not a free agent and when you’re not a free agent, you don’t control your own destiny.

The Cavaliers picked up an MVP candidate today in Isaiah Thomas. He was THE GUY in Boston regardless Gordon Hayward going there. If you don’t know how good he is, here’s a glimpse.

Now, for the Celtics. An argument could be made that nobody really got better. The odds did not change for anybody. However and, I hate to say it despite him overcoming this his whole life, Isaiah Thomas is short and Kyrie is not. That didn’t stop Isaiah from dropping buckets on anybody’s head in the league but defensively, his size hurt him a little. Kyrie could improve, too but, he’s not short. It matters but, it doesn’t at the same time. Check the odds.

They’re both nice. LeBron wasn’t the one closing the Finals games for Cleveland. Kyrie was. However, Kyrie wasn’t carrying a team. Isaiah was. It is for that reason that Isaiah might have beef with the Celtics. I’m not comparing their skill level or greatness but, Isaiah Thomas was just as important to the Celtics as LeBron is to the Cavs. At the end of the day, you don’t trade Isaiah if you think he’s better than Kyrie. They’re both young, NICE, and play the same position. The Cavs basically saved themselves from any drama they would’ve had this year but, the Celtics’ concern is getting better. Did they though?

All I know is, the season is about to look very different this year. I would say interesting but, the Warriors are probably still winning the chip. At least we have some storylines to watch out for.

The Cavaliers Play The Celtics For The First Game Of The Year on October 17 at 8 PM ET.

*P.S. Don’t Sleep On Jae Crowder Going To The Cavs. Not Trading For Him Was The One Mistake That Phil Jackson Regrets As The Knicks President. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Paul Robinson