Written by Queen Lexyonce

Over the summer, Grammy Award-winning producer Needlz landed some media coverage over his reaction to viral statements made about female rappers. A story on Needlz exploring the reasoning behind his assessment was featured in RESPECT magazine online. He stated it was unfair of record exec Jermaine Dupri to call out female artists as one dimensional. Particularly, while failing to mention the lack of subject matters introduced by male rappers. This comes just as the genre of Hip Hop celebrates 46 years of existence. With that, the recognition of boundaries being broken and new players in the game. It’s no surprise, notable individuals and businesses are joining in on marking the momentous occasion. For those who unaware of Jermaine Durpi comments, check out his interview with People TV.

The iconic clear beverage Sprite long been on the scene with more than thirty years of actively working with the hip hop community and partnerships highlighting the music and culture. The company has announced its latest campaign featuring Atlanta-based rapper Kodie Shane. Interestingly enough, both Needlz and Jermaine Dupri also hail from Georgia’s capital city


In addition, the twenty-something Kodie received props for her talent and depth, particularly in comparison with other popular artists. Alternatively, some producers, including Dupri who made a comment, “women in hip-hop just talk about stripping in a club,” might not be in her corner. There may be an opportunity for Needlz and Kodie to work well together in a collaborative setting, given the potential for compatibility. Needlz shows interest in rising star potential, and this connection is what sets him apart from others in his position.

What are your views on Hip Hop today for rising females in the industry? Is there a balance in the music ?

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