He goes by Nesta and he’s from Queens,NY. You are listening to a superstar on the rise. He has a sound like no other. The melodies and flows are out of this world. It feels like Roy Woods meets ILoveMakonnen. Nesta project “Shook My Dreams” deserve a lot more attention. The production makes the project stand out and apart from anything else out there. Nesta gives that island vibe with some of his melodies and delivery. This 6 song project is something you can let play all the way through. It’s no way you can skip one of these. The first record off the project “What I Want” is a statement. It’s something to reel you in. But once “Benjis” comes on, you will know what time it is. My ears are pretty Precise and Nesta has what it takes. This project sounds like time was put into it. “Benjis” sounds like The Dream wrote the hook. That’s a compliment, he has a few Grammy’s. The record “Melody” shows Nesta has harmonies, and can hit that high note. Could Nesta make an impact like The Weeknd did when he first dropped?

I asked myself that once I kept listening. Once I heard “Transparent” it shows Nesta is worldwide. He’s bigger than an artist he’s a songwriter. Most Amazing record on this project is “The Heat”. The way the record is composed shows it’s bigger than music for Nesta. He has a vision for this and that’s more important than anything. I hear a little Swae Lee also when it comes to those high notes. For all the weed smokers. Nesta didn’t forget about you. His record “I Love Leaves”. This is for the tree lovers and huggers. Real hippie type vibes on this one. I’m blown away by this Queens, NY crooner.