The Netflix original series “The Get Down” has not been renewed for a second season.

The decision came after the second part of season one premiered on Netflix last month. The hip-hop based show was actually one of Netflix’s most expensive shows with the first 12 episodes costing them $120 million. The series was divided into two parts due to the pre-production and production process being very difficult, Baz Luhrmann’s first television series.

During an interview with Vulture back in April, Luhrmann said, “To be honest, we have already developed the opening of the next season. Sony and Netflix have been very driven about having a second season. There has been no question about that. They really want it.”

But Luhrmann expressed in a Facebook post after the decision was made that,  “It kills me that I can’t split myself into two and make myself available to both productions… But the simple truth is, I make movies.”

A lot of people are actually pissed about this being that they enjoyed the show a lot.  The musical drama set in a 1970s South Bronx was everything Hip Hop fans needed to rejuvenate that similar energy into today.  Fingers crossed, they figure out a way.