If you’re familiar with the new wave of artist in New York then you’ve got to be a fan of one of the most prominent stars; Jay Critch. But who brings these new faces to our attention? Do they do it themselves? or do they have a “Diddy” behind them? Let’s take a look at the people putting in the hard work behind closed doors. Today we’re taking a look into the manager behind the Rising Star Jay Critch. Hence the name “Millz”, it seems like that’s exactly where he plans on taking his team, straight to the Millions. Although recently emerging, Millz has seemed to be taking TalkMoneyEnt and his artist Jay Critch to the next level.

     Every great star has someone behind them pushing their music to the masses, creating a marketing schema and making sure their artist reaches their full potential, and Millz is exceeding the expectations of a manager, somewhat mimicking the blueprint Diddy took. Some may say you shouldn’t compare rookies to Legends, but this one is definitely a fair fit. After catching nationwide attention and landing a deal with global star RichTheKid, Jaycritch has done nothing but skyrocket in every dimension, but we cannot forget to credit the hard work behind closed doors that comes from the A&R’s, Management etc. This may be quite the cliffhanger, but it’s just enough for you to wonder, Who is the New Diddy of the City? We’ve got our money on Millz.