By now, I’m sure some of us, if not all or most have heard about Nicki Minaj’s response over ‘No Frauds’.  While only being released less than 24 hours ago, the song has already climbed all the way up to No. 1 on the iTunes charts.  Featuring  her #3Pack Young Money rollers Lil Wayne and Drake, plus two other collaborations “I Changed It” & “Regret In Your Tears” where she comes for her exes Meek Mill and Safaree, the single’s were sure to sell off.

And after some time to assess and sift through some of the commentary, it’s a little up in the air as far as who won. This is a battle after all isn’t it?

Now, not only do we have to consider the matter of who came the hardest, but who came the smartest.  There are two separate criteria’s to properly judge this battle on, and based on those, this thing might be split right down the middle.  One is Barz, and Two is Strategy.  The history of any rap battle denotes to attack your opponent to the death – not promoting anyone’s actual demise, but to basically shut them down, keep them quiet.  However, the other aspect of this rap game is to make money and it is our take that both ladies presented themselves on opposite sides of the spectrum.

With Remy Ma’s “ShEther” and “Another One” tracks, her angle was to provide metaphorical licks to the face of a Nicki Minaj, and irregardless to naysayers, that is exactly what Remy did – bloodied Nicki’s face all over the place with her disrespectful accord.  To the point of giving Nicki strife in the form of allegedly blocking Remy’s money, and even nudging Nas to remove Remy’s ShEther track off of Soundcloud and other platforms – again making the song just a memory in time, we say allegedly.  Remy went on The Wendy Williams Show and shared with the world that Nicki had tried to block her in other ways as far as threatening to not attend red carpets if Remy was in attendance, blah blah and blah.  And if all true, it would certainly be considered a sucker move on Nicki’s part.

Speaking on Nicki Minaj’s angle however, she came the Young Money route in more ways than one.  And when money rules, money is all that matters – based off of Nicki’s Instagram post.


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But here @ Young Money, we don’t do diss records, we drop HIT RECORDS & diss you ON them,” she says.

So you see, there is a strategy to consider as far as Nicki goes, and we must grade her on such.  Not an entire song, just a verse, Nicki makes mention of Remy being a bad mother, talks about the Plata o Plomo rapper’s borough – that was disrespectful; calling Remy a liar and just like that, deems Remy back to wack.  But that’s only what the Barbz are saying.

What type of bum b***h shoot a friend over a rap?
What type of mother leave her one son over a stack?
Lil Boogie down basic b***h thinkin’ she back
Back to back, oh you mean, back to wack?
“Back to Back”? Me and Drizzy laughed at that
They say numbers don’t matter
But when they discussin’ the kings
They turn around and say Lebron ain’t got 6 rings
I never signed a 360, b***h you wild dumb
That’s why Jay ain’t clear his verse for your album
Shanaynay, you a fraud committin’ perjury
I got before and after pictures of your surgery
Ra took you to her dog, but you don’t look like Ra
Left the opertating table, still look like “nah”

The track has received mixed reviews on the basis of barz: Nicki took too long to respond, her flow is a bit slow, and I guess she didn’t come hard enough.  But in the bigger picture, she might turn out to get the bigger check.  And she even challenges Remy to come back with something hotter within 72 hours – which is kind of funny since Nicki took a over a week, and then offers Remy money to book a show without mentioning her name.  Keeping her lane – what a way to show your Queen Nicki.

So how do you judge this battle?  Who do you think won?  Or is like we said, split right down the middle?