Relocating to Atlanta a few years ago from Oakland CA, Creative + Music Artist Basheer recently released his new EP: Seldom Seen.

Influenced by legends in the music industry like Marvin Gaye, Drake, Kanye West, and Sam Cook, Basheer started his own career at a young age singing to the top of his lungs. It was until college that he ventured into creating and learning music from friends he was surrounded with.

Be consistent and REALLY WANT IT; have a focus and stay in your lane and be yourself. Be the best version of yourself and be consistent. Be the humble you; Ain’t sh*t to be arrogant.

Seldom Seen” is as a collection of songs that tells the personal spiritual journey that Basheer was going through from dealing with self, figuring out life, past relationships, traumas, and his upbringing. Whereas, each song has its own unique meaning. Three songs in particular:

  • Kardashev: The term itself is a method of measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement based on the amount of energy they are able to use. This song ties into his own journey as he had to believe in his uniqueness by finding his energy and refining it.
  • Method: Is a song about how a person gets fed up because they want something so deeply. They have to go through so many methods to choose from the universe to get out of the funk they are in to reach clarity.
  • Tribe– resonated to him because on his journey there were a lot of fans that liked his music, but only true supporters gravitate to his music that support. He looked back over his life and seen that most of the fans were total strangers and most of the time not close friends and family.

Music is 100% consumed of Basheer’s life as you can catch him consistently in the studio recording music and mixing & mastering his own craft. Though 2020 has been off to a great beginning, he announced that he will be releasing 3 seasonal EP’s in addition to being appreciative to his fans through shows and collaborations.

Seldom Seen” includes 7 Songs:



Aurora’s Interlude


Type V



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