Father Of 4

February is Black History Month and many influential people are celebrated this month including Offset, (birth name: Kiari Kendrell Cephus). 27 year old member of hottest male group Migos, Offset released his anticipate album Father of 4 and it has fans cheering him on.

In the first song featuring Big Rube, Offset raps about how he was a teenage dad and yet in a very different mentality in his young life. He continues and apologizes to his children of how absent he was in the early stages of their lives and how he appreciates Cardi sticking by his side with their daughter Kulture. After Dark told the story of the street life which resulted him into jail and death of his brother, Paris Brown. He also raps about his infidelity to Cardi: “Whole lot of pain, black in my heart, I know she ashamed, I  broke her heart”.

What is your favorite song and verse? This is like a black autobiography musical of the year.

(photos from google)


Written by: Brian Lamont