When you spend majority of your time behind the switchboards or in the writing room, many dub you as a producer or songwriter but the same cannot be said for Atlanta hitmaker, Omega. Responsible for the sound and careers for many of today’s rising stars including Cash Money’s Jacquees, Omega revisits his roots of hustling day in and day out on new track “Dat Deh,” featuring Issa. Not a stranger to collaborations, Issa and Omega have past songs such as “LION,” “Original” and Issa’s “Crew (Freestyle).” Serving as the buzz single for his upcoming dual album “Ying & Yang,” Omega has blended the best of both worlds to showcase himself as the entertainer he’s been praised as behind the scenes.

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What about Omega should we love and appreciate?
Honestly…. EVERYTHING!!!!! Ha-ha, not to sound too arrogant, but aside from what I do musically I try to be pretty well-rounded. Character, Humility, & Integrity are two of the most important attributes to me when it comes to personality, so I try my best to be my best at all times…but let’s just say it’s easier said than done. However, musically…I rap, sing, songwriter, engineer, play the guitar (FOR REAL!), produce & pretty much everything music. I’ve been told that I’m great at what I do, but that doesn’t stop from attempting to be greater. There’re still a lot of goals I have while I’m here, and due to the fact that I live by the saying ‘Become the change you want to see’ I’ll be around till I see my vision come to fruition.When did you realize that music was for you?
I realized music was for me when I was 10 years old. Me and my Aunt Beata was having a serious conversation about The Most High. I remember her telling me that “…music is the first line of defense in the army of The Most High”. Ever since then, music has been the plan & the goal. Of course, I didn’t seriously pursue music till years later, but that moment stuck with me and continues to drive my passion.How do you handle difficult situations when it pertains to your music career and how you came up?
PRAYER & MEDITATION!!!!! Like I said before character, humility & integrity is what I value most in personality. But how to you handle when someone has wronged you?? PRAYER & MEDITATION has been my go-to when I feel overwhelmed and drained. It’s been working so far.

What type of legacy do you want to leave?
I want to leave the type of legacy that lives and grows as the world does. We have so many brands, and businesses that simply just DONT CARE about the rest of us. ESPECIALLY people with melanin!! I want my legacy to be a part of the positive balance that uplifts people instead of beating them down.

How does the music industry look to you? What are your thoughts on it? How’s it progressing?
The music industry looks like it has no clue of the future lol. Seriously, artists, producers, engineers, and many more are noticing that we just don’t need major labels anymore. The industry has changed, but this time due to the way the world is with social media & the internet, we the creators have more power. It’s a slow change but inevitable. The industry is almost like a Polaroid snapshot. You appreciate the history, but don’t actually need the structure that created that picture anymore.

What about Atlanta do you love? Dislike?
I love the food the people, the openness to trying something new everywhere you turn. Atlanta wasn’t always like this, especially growing up. But now the city is booming from film, to fashion to music. It’s almost as if Atlanta is the birthplace of a new Black Renaissance. Dislikes? I just have one…. THE TRAFFIC!!!!!!

What are some lessons you’ve learned in the music industry?
I’ve learned to always improve, keep your head down, and always have YOUR OWN THING GOING ON. Improving keeps you current, keeping your head down keeps you out of drama, and having your own thing insures your legacy. Simple and plain.

Maintaining a good image and consistency is key for artists. How are you making a public present where fans appreciate your work?
I consider myself a social media introvert, meaning that I like to keep most moments that I experience genuine and private. However, I understand the benefits and power of great marketing, so I don’t ignore the need to constantly remind my audience that I’m here. I don’t approach the public about my craft like most think I should but for my goals it works for me in building a real fanbase. Now days I like to post what I’m working on, who working with and sometimes me doing things in the studio. I of course could do better with time, but the honesty and integrity of my posts are what is most important to me.

For those who do not know what you do, tell them into detail.
Well, first and foremost I’m an artist. I rap, sing, & play the guitarist, songwriter, engineer, and vocal arranger in all of my music. I’ve also produced & co-produced songs with Producers like DJ Plugg, Bobby Kritical, Cassius Jay, J White Did It, Fat Boi, Lil Jay On the Track, Miyk Snoddy, & Bolo Da Producer to name a few. I didn’t think that when I started this, I would have so many titles, & personally know SO MANY LEGENDS. But as my skills grew so did my list of abilities, and relationships. All around, you could say I’m a true musician.

What does “hustling” look like or sound like to you?
Some of it I can’t talk about. However, the more PG-13 examples? Always working, networking, reaching out. It’s a 25/8 kind of thing. True hustlers don’t do 9-5 hours, we do all day every day.

Explain how you stay relevant?
I pretty much live in the studio. So, I’m able to stay consistent

When did you meet Jacquees? How’s the relationship? What all have you done with him?
Man, I met Jacquees like 6 or 7 years ago around his “Fan Affiliated” days. The relationship is organic, we’ve been able to do some dope things in this industry. So far there are a few songs that are out we’ve worked on together, but the most notable would have to be “Feel It”. That song ended up getting on the Magic Mike XXL soundtrack where it debuted out it was number 1 on Billboard.

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