R&B love child and founding member of R&B – KVNG is one of the UK’s most hotly tipped talents, fusing R&B and pop in his progressive sound. From his heartfelt, strong vocals and unique style, KVNG’s songs come from genuine, real-life experiences and feelings.

KVNG entered the music scene with his debut EP “The Night Shift” shook up the UK R&B scene in October 2016. From the project, KVNG unveiled a visual for the single “Be The Man” featuring Jords. The visual now stands at over 15k views on KVNG’s YouTube channel. MTV’s The Wrap Up even described the project and KVNG’s expectational debut as an “R&B nugget of gold”.

With over 110,000 streams on Spotify, there is no denying that KVNG is a rising talent coming out of the UK. His sound is not the only manifestation of Jordan’s passion for R&B. With the success of his previous music efforts, KVNG has performed in cities such as Norway, Rotterdam and San Diego, as well as his home city of London.

KVNG releases his new EP Broken on all platforms but my favorite is Wrong One.

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What about you as an artist can you say originates you from all other R&B artists? what about artists from the UK?

Apart from my nostalgic R&B flavor, what sets me apart is the storytelling in my songs. There is a narrative that many men find it hard to express their emotions, so I work to give the truest reflection of myself in the music.

Broken is an eight-track EP featuring the single “Wrong One”, which is a smooth R&B single that can originate to us all who have been in a relationship that did not work out. How did a personal story have an impact on the entire EP? What did you learn about yourself from this project?

I went through a messy breakup a few years back which sent me down a dark path. I wanted to create a soundtrack to that part of my life to capture the emotions I experienced.

Halfway through working on the project I had to stop because it wasn’t potent enough, it didn’t express the dark place I was in enough. I learned that was mainly because I wasn’t comfortable enough expressing my emotions out loud. I had to go and learn, from talking to family and friends to reasoning with strangers I had to learn to have those uncomfortable conversations.

What makes you happy about music? about life? about inspiring others. 

It makes me happy that I can take the happiest and the darkest parts of my life and create a soundtrack to them for others to also experience, that’s how I’ve always seen it. My journey is a real hustler’s path, so it has many highs and lows, but I get joy from seeing my resilience pay off and inspiring others to be fearlessly with their dreams.

Describe how success can affect an artist’s career if they are not strong and have will power, and humility, in this industry.

Without those key traits this industry can consume you, there are a lot of major ups and major downs in this world and if you don’t have the strength and will power to center yourself to continue fighting you will give up at the first few hurdles or not be able to handle when things are not going well all the time.

I always pride myself in treating people good and how I want to be treated especially when there is nothing to gain from them. You will never always be up, and things will not always be going smooth in your career. Your character is what will make some people go the extra mile for you or support you when there’s nothing else to gain.

Who would you like to work with?

I’d love to work with so many artists, but main ones right now would be ELHAE, Normani, Chris Brown and H.E.R

Describe the importance of having supporters around you.

I think it’s very important to have people that believe in your vision, understand the commitment it takes and be a system of support to challenge and enable you to reach higher heights but I don’t think the thing you should have is ‘yes men/women’ in your camp. That’s mad dangerous.

With your music, describe into three words what you want people to leave saying.


Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Music features?

I see myself traveling the world touring heavy, I wanna reach all the fans I can that love with my music. Working on some crazy records with my dream features and solidifying myself as a household name in R&B.

How do you give back to your fans?

I have so many things from merch to intimate shows planned for this year that I’ll be announcing soon!

Discuss to us your creative process to create music.

I have a home studio, so my space is relaxed. When I create most nights, I’m surrounded by anime on mute, mood lights, incense and art on the walls.

What other upcoming music projects or ventures we can look forward to? 

Loads of singles and collaborations on the way. I plan to work with loads more artists before the year is through.


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