South Philly rapper, Young Ros seems to be making all the right moves in order to further gain on his predecessors in the rap game.

As we will come to learn about Hip Hop, it has nothing to do with seniority as it has much to do with the level of work and talent put in that equates to one’s rise to the top.  You don’t get something for nothing, as all seeds must grow with efficient watering.

Knowing the ins and outs of the streets all too well, coining his neighborhood as ‘the jungle’, Young Ros says, “If you wasn’t drug dealing, you was killing.”  And with those given choices for a lifestyle, the outcomes are likely to be more detrimental than anything else. Survival of the fittest though, the most clever one learns how to turn that all around.

Taking on the stage, Young Ros has been moving.  With the release of his debut album Hustlas Handbook, hitting arenas like this years SXSW, a cameo in the DJ Khaled feat Jay-Z for the “I Got the Keys” video inspiring his very own Philly-Mix Freestyle, dropping a vid for his “Big Bag” single and hitting over 1 million streams on Soundcloud with the song release; I would say Young Ros is certainly doing away with the norm of his Wilson Park Projects upbringing and making something more out the of the pot he was given.

With his newest efforts, Young Ros has released a vivid visual with production lavished by Goodbreed Slim, to couple his dynamic wordplay for his first single off of his Hustlas Handbook titled “Ricky Watters”.

Meant to motivate all hustlas in the game; taking it back to the streets, exposing the image of his reality, check out the video and let us know your thoughts through commentary.


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