Travis Scott, born in Houston, has had an especially eventful last few days.

On May 12th, Travis Scott performed “Goosebumps” fourteen times in a row. Bill Board states “Goosebumps” went platinum in March. He was performing in Oklahoma. As the show progresses, he asks how many times he’s performed the song already. The crowd yells for him to make it more. They seem to only get more lively. On top of that, Travis Scott makes sure to mention beating the record set by “Niggas In Paris”. According to NME, Kanye played “Niggas In Paris” twelve times at a show in the French capital in 2012. He also agreed to visit OKC again and perform for free- “everybody invited”.

Then, over the weekend, the rapper was charged with creating chaos at his concert, according to Hot New Hip Hop and TMZ. TMZ reported on May 14th that Travis Scott was booked in Arkansas.

Travis Scott

Travis Scott Arrested For Inciting Riot At His Concert In Arkansas

Then, on May 16th, Scott released three tracks. These tracks include “Butterfly Effect”, “A Man”, and “Green & Purple”. The tracks reached over a million streams in less than twelve hours according to Hot New Hip Hop. Streaming is huge- no gas. Chance The Rapper broke records when he received a Grammy for his streaming-only album Coloring Book via Rolling Stone.


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