The late great Tupac Shakur will be honored in a new documentary about his life.


The documentary is “fully authorized” according to Huffington Post. Steve McQueen will be its Director.

 12 Years A Slave was directed by Steve McQueen.

12 Years A Slave Directed by Steve McQueen

This movie was released October 18th 2013. While the production budget was only $20,000 according to The Numbers, Box Office Mojo records the film raked up over $55 million in gross total nationwide. To boot, Box Office Mojo quotes the film earned more than $180 million globally. This movie also won an Oscar for Best Picture in 2014 as stated in USA Today.

Additionally, according to Rolling Stone, Steve McQueen has partnered with Tupac’s estate for the creation of the film. Gloria Cox will also be apart of the production team. Cox is Afeni Shakur’s sister, so Tupac’s Aunt.

“Our goal has always been to tell the true story, which has never been done before in such a complete way,” Cox said. “My sister always said to me, ‘We are not in the business of defending Tupac. Our job is to allow him to be seen in the most complete way, so his actions, his choices, and his words will allow him to speak for himself.’ I believe this film will do exactly that.” – via Rolling Stone

The documentary is announced preceding the All Eyez On Me movie premiering this summer, on Tupac’s birthday, June 16th. According to SPIN, the documentary does not yet have a release date set.


Anora Blazin