Twin lyrical duo Daniel & Dante formed the 2Easy Twins group as they grew up with a serious passion for music. Whether it was learning how to play the piano, beating the drums, saxophone, or just free-styling, their creativity always has always stood out. In February 2018, this multi talented duo decided to take their music serious and since then they have been effortlessly creating a name for themselves.

Working as Twin artist together in a group , we make sure we’re on the same page pushing each other to our full potential. All of our energy in sync. Being twins, we bounce of each other’s energy on a day to day basis . The Chemistry is there, a variety of ideas are thrown in the air and we build on them . We get a better understanding of what messages were trying to deliver through our tracks and music videos. The energy is high , we catch a vibe and create a vision. The chemistry is natural and organic with us . We have fun but stay locked in and focused when were in our creative process, we want to steer our audience into something different and unique that they haven’t seen from us.”

This recent song “Ima Do Me” represents both artist individual looks. Their thinking is similar and they give their target audience two perspectives on the new track.

We caught a Crazy vibe , Listening to  the track  gave off a club vibe.  There was a momentum of energy that carried through the video shoot allowing us to get creative with our own sauce. We have new music and music videos dropping this summer 2019. We’re branching out and working with other artist,  carrying our fun vibes with us on our project but also presenting new ones working on our versatility on our craft.”

Check out the new visuals below!