Artist RoadRun CMoe has become Dallas’ favorite street vocalist. Many may remember his last mainstream appearance a few months back when happily escaping his  BMW, I8  After it went up in flames on a Miami highway.
However since then the D Town rapper  has gotten his followers up and decided to drop his latest  single Virtual Trappin’ produced by King Henry & directed by @BillionaireVisions,
In the video CMoe walks you through his world, reciting lines like.
 ” Shit, fuck, now Im Spazzin’/ I cant love no bitch cause this trap shit all my passion”.
The Street album Rose Gold is out now on all outlets.
So  Get ready trap world. Dallas has a new Governor.
Lucky for me I was able to speak to the rising star just a bit more check it out below

Q: Motivations to start making music and to continue?

A: My motivation to start making music was the real life situations I️ was put into. I️ always had a passion for music but when I️ start spending some of my life in jail is when I️ started making plans for anything that can get me out da streets. To hear a lot rappers portraying the life of someone who really

Q: What is your ultimate career goal?
A: To be able to play in this field rather I️ make it in da rap industry I️ wanna be able to have the network and there to further somebody else’s dream

Q: Who have you worked with other producers artists etc?

A: Producers: Beldon Did That, Dbell on da track, KingHenry
Artist: Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Johnny Cinco, sosaman, cookie money, lou Gram, and more

Q: What are some old projects you have released: how did they do ?

A: Roadrunners World was my first project I dropped while I️ was incarcerated doin a 18 mo bid. RRW2 I️ dropped when I️ came home from that bid I️ did Ight I️ felt like but as time came I️ saw where my work areas were needed. Predicaments that I️ dropped oct round my birthday I️ liked the most out of the first 3 tapes I️ did because it expressed a lot that I️ had went thru within that last 2 tears of my life, it gave insight to shit that I️ really was goin through.

Q: Motivation behind creating the track?

A: I️ felt like in this music world is watered down because everybody rappin bout the same shyt but the problem is everybody ain’t authentic. Everybody trappin in my case I️ take a lil personal for the ones who really lost a lot in this field. Everybody ain’t trappin so I️ called these rappers “virtual trappers”

Q: How long did it take to create?
A: it was very easy to work since it was a lot on my mind relating to how I️ felt.

Q: Who produced the track?
A: KingHenry out of Ft Lauderdale

Q: Any features?
A: naw

Q: What’s next?
A: just keep working. Ima build my profile with more visuals