Shacar gets supernatural in his new video “Fallin”.

By: Chrissy Dru

Rising artist Shacar delivers with his otherworldly new visual for song, “Fallin”. The video begins with Shacar “falling” on what seems to be Earth and immediately being entranced by his new surroundings. Just as quick as his descension to the planet he is captivated by a young woman and the music comes in as soon as they lock eyes, “you got me fallin, fallin, fallin” he melodically sings. It’s clear that he’s not only new to this planet, but also new to the feeling of being completely enamored by someone. He sings, “caught up, dreamin’, in a daze, I know you don’t feel me, but that’s okay“. Submerging deeper into his affection for her, he recognizes that it’s one sided. As the video continues, we see his terrestrial love interest’s seemingly mutual attraction was a disguise for wonder and infatuation with the powers he possesses as an extraterrestrial being. The word “falling” is employed literally and figuratively, contrasting the soft production that leads you to believe this is a love song. Based on the visual, it’s more of a cautionary tale with a simple message: watch who you “fall” for.

Captured by: Brandon Thomas

Shecar is a 24 year-old artist from Brooklyn by way of Florida. He grew up with a passion for music and moved to New York to pursue it. His single “Fallin” impressively premiered on Apple’s Beats 1 radio. It was a full circle moment as Shacar went from being Ebro’s intern at Hot 97 to his song being played on his radio show. Certainly, a sign of great things to come for Shacar who is working on his debut EP, Beautiful Pain. We’re ready for what Shacar does next, make sure you follow him here to stay in the loop! Also, check out the visual (and his acting skills) for “Fallin” below:


Featured image captured by: Marquis Whaley