Former Detroit Lions, running back Hall of Famer Barry Sanders is known for many things: leading the National Football League in rushing yards, being a Pro Bowl invitee in all ten seasons of his career, a two-time NFL offensive player of the year; he won the Rookie of the Year award his first year of being with the Lions in 1989, topped the list of greatest players never to play in a Super Bowl, awarded the Heisman Trophy as the most outstanding college player in the nation, unanimously recognized as an All-American, inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2003; and among other things – most importantly, he is a devoted & supportive father of four.

At the peak of his career, well within the prime of it, Barry made quite the controversial decision to walk away from the sport at the age of 31.  Until this day, fans and critics alike, wonder why.  But that conversation is for another day.

Today, we will be highlighting the feats of one of the four sons of Mr. Sanders for his triumphant moves within the music industry.  Contrary to older brother Barry Sanders Jr. who followed in the steps of his father of playing football, and being rather good at it too, Nigel Sanders is pressing on to being the next inductee of the Music Hall of Fame.

At the young age of 16, Nigel Sanders is already making his way into the music industry, building a name for self outside of the feats of his father, Nigel is embarking to become the next talked about producer who said he asked his dad for a midi controller on his 12th birthday.  Teaching himself how to use the piece of equipment, it was his first real taste, he says, of music production.

With learning to play the piano at age 4, and taking on the trumpet in the fourth grade, Nigel has always been encouraged to pursue whatever drives his spirit to do.  And with influences and favorite producers such as Kanye West, SIX, Knxwledge, Metro Boomin, and a few others who all encompass a certain skill to draw different emotions even before meeting the lyrics.

With hopes of gaining a degree in music, and being the Barry Sanders of Music Production one day, Nigel has a few upcoming projects to come; an album with all beats by him featuring a variety of artists; some to mention are Detroit Rappers Curtis Roach and Jay Squared; and a few of Jermaine Dupri’s artist from Lifetime series The Rap Game: JI Prince of NY and Lil Niqo.

Young and gifted, it’s a beautiful thing.

Check out our interview with the emerging producer Nigel Sanders below.

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