The Breakfast Club needs to have us on their show because every word spoken over the airwaves was our sentiments exactly.  Nicki, you can’t come back with some Instagram posts as your come-back, this is rap.

Your money isn’t going to save you, as Charlamagne says, not when it comes the rap game.

People are so jaded.  You get some money, some fame, and you think that’s it; fans are the biggest switch-out’s – sorry to say.  In this industry, you can die just as quick as you make it.  And we’re not taking sides, but how can you deny who the top contender is right now.  If Nicki can return with a hotter diss track, then she is fair game back in this thing.  But until then, it’s Remy Ma’s world.

Putting Remy’s “ShEther” in the Top 3 for most disrespectful record next to Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” and Ice Cube’s “No Vasoline”; Charlamagne says it wasn’t fair how Remy teamed up against Nicki with “ShEther” as it was her,  God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost who all jumped on Nicki lol.

And you know Nicki is feeling the heat when she is reportedly hitting n–g-s up via text message as to why they aren’t mentioning her verses spat over Gucci Mane’s “Make Love” and Jason Derulo’s “Swalla”.  Calling Charlamagne and Envy “fake and phony”.  This is just getting ugly, as Nicki is definitely looking like a soar loser right now.